Using the Coravin System

Coravin Wine System

Before using your Coravin System, perform a visual inspection of the wine bottle you plan to access. If you notice any signs of damage or flaws (e.g. cracked, crushed, or chipped; or containing white glass inclusions, indicating un-melted glass.), then do not use the Coravin System on that bottle.

Always be sure to use a Coravin Wine Bottle Sleeve when accessing with the Coravin System.

Before inserting the Coravin Needle into the bottle, quickly press the trigger to clear the system of any excess oxygen or wine.

Coravin Capsules

Why Coravin Capsules?

Coravin Capsules are especially designed to work with the Coravin System and ensure proper pressurization. Alternative capsules will not seal correctly and will leak. Use of non-Coravin capsules may result in injury to the user or others nearby and voids the warranty on your Coravin System.

It is important to only use official Coravin Capsules with your Coravin System. Coravin Capsules are specially designed to work with the Coravin System. Alternative capsules will not seal correctly and will leak. Use of non-Coravin capsules may result in injury to the user or others nearby and voids the warranty on your Coravin system.


The Coravin Capsule contains argon gas, an inert gas that does not react with wine, and has no effect on the taste profile. It is one of the seven gases that occur naturally in the air we breathe and is regularly used in the wine making process.


The Coravin Capsules are pressurized, and should be stored between -22° and 149° F, (-30° to +65° C). Coravin capsules contain gas under pressure, and may explode if heated. Store in a well-ventilated place, and out of direct sunlight.


Coravin Capsules are made of recyclable steel. Prior to recycling, please contact your local city or town waste management facility for instructions concerning the disposal of empty compressed gas cylinders. Please do not dispose of un-punctured capsules. Only puncture Coravin Capsules using the Coravin System. Do not discharge towards your face.

Coravin Needles

Coravin Needle Chart

Changing a Coravin Needle

If you notice it becoming difficult to insert or remove the needle into the cork, the coating on the needle may be worn. Inspect the tip to look for wear or damage. If the Non-stick coating has worn off, leaving a silver color rather than black, you may need a new needle. You can order replacement needles here.

Unscrew the needle using the needle grip, and let the needle drop down so it is resting in the needle guide. Pick it up by the needle grip and angle it to remove it from the needle guide, being careful not to scratch the side of the needle.

To insert a new needle, point the tip down through the needle guide and let it drop so that the needle grip is resting on the guide. Pick the needle up by the grip, and screw it into the unit until it is fully tightened.

Please refer to the Replacing the Needle video for detailed instructions.

Unclogging the Needle

If you have determined that you your needle is clogged with cork particles, use the Needle Clearing Tool included with your Coravin System to unclog it.

Unscrew the needle grip at the top of the needle to release it, and let the needle drop down to rest on the needle guide. Tilt the needle slightly and gently remove it from the unit.

Hold the Needle Clearing Tool by the handle and gently poke the tool through the eye of the needle to remove any cork particles. Always hold the needle by the needle grip.

Insert the clearing tool into the top of the needle by the needle grip, and slide it down to push any excess cork towards the eye of the needle.

Poke the tool through the eye to the needle again to remove any last cork particles.

Repeat until no cork is visible through the eye.

Please click here to watch our instructional video on unclogging a needle.

Wines, Bottles & Closures

The Coravin Wine System should be used with a Coravin Wine Bottle Sleeve on standard cylindrical shaped wine bottles (e.g. Bordeaux, Burgundy or Riesling). See below for more details.

At this time, we only offer Coravin Wine Bottle Sleeves for 750ml bottle.


Wines Chart


Bottles Chart



The Coravin System works only as well as the cork that is closing the bottle. If the cork in the bottle is of poor quality, it is likely that the cork will not effectively protect the wine. This is true regardless of whether you use the Coravin System or not.

Unfortunately, the quality of cork varies, and depends on when and where it was harvested, and manufacturing techniques. Over time, corks can become brittle, dry and fragile, especially when a bottle isn’t stored properly (horizontally, with wine covering the cork to keep it from drying out).

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