pouring red wine with the Coravin Aerator and Model Three Wine Preservation System

Gift Guide

Wine Gifts Under $100

Gift the oenophile in your life with an easy-to-use wine preservation system, glass set, and more. Shop Coravin’s wine gifts under $100.

Loving wine goes beyond what’s in the bottle. To enhance the entire wine drinking experience, the wine enthusiast and connoisseur need the perfect glass, a beautiful serving platter for their charcuterie, and the best-in-class wine preservation system to make their favorite wines last longer. 

Are your gears turning? Think outside the glass with our list of wine gifts under $100.

Wine Preservation for the Perfect Pour – Every Time

Coravin Pivot, our easy-to-use wine preservation system, preserves wines for up to 4 weeks. Gift this amazing wine tool or, for the wine lover who already has a Coravin, gift the perfect accessory.

Unique Glassware for Under $100

Looking to gift creative glassware that makes a statement? Shop Michael Wainwright. But, before you do, watch our interview about how his signature collections came to be. 

For the Host with the Most

Does your wine-loving friend live to throw a shindig? Gift this cheese shaver and knife, ice bucket, serving tray, or glass set.

The Best in Glassware

It might seem silly, but the glass matters. The right glass brings out the flavors, aromas, and noteworthy nuances of a wine. Here are some glass sets under $100.

Build the Perfect Wine Gift Box

Every wine lover needs a corkscrew, a wine card game, tasting notebook, and Wine Away. Create the perfect gift box with some of these high-quality wine essentials, then in their favorite varietal if you can.