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Swirl, sip, and savor with this accessory pack full of products to make sure you get the most out of your Coravin and your wine!

  • What's Included?
  • 2 Coravin Capsules -Pour 30 glasses of wine with 2 extra Coravin Capsules. Specifically designed for use with all Coravin Systems, Coravin Capsules are the power source of the Coravin System as they pressurize bottles with the purest argon gas to pour wine a glass at a time./li>
  • Faster Pour Needle - Wider than our standard needle and is designed to provide a quick pour from bottles with corks that are in good condition. The faster pour needle is over 20% faster than the Standard Needle.
  • Coravin Aerator - Attach to the spout of your Coravin Wine Preservation Opener, for silkier, smoother, more aromatic wine by the glass.
  • Coravin Screw Cap, 6-pack standard size - Pour and enjoy your favorite screw cap wines, and expand the possibilities of the Coravin Wine Preservation Opener with your Coravin Screw cap accessory. Replace your screw top seal immediately before pouring with a Coravin Screw cap accessory and use with your Coravin Wine Preservation Opener to pour and protect wines closed under screw cap for up to three months. Standard size screw cap accessory is compatible with over 95% of screw cap bottles
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