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  • I got a Coravin Model Two many months back after being introduced to the system while visiting Chateau d'Yquem in Bordeaux. They were using it on their bottles to make tastings... - Chewy82

  • Used only at home for personal wine pours with family and friends. Had the Model 8 for 27 months. Never got more than 8-10 pours out of a single cartridge no matter how careful ... - Mark1npt

  • So... no one else in my household enjoys wine. I on the other hand enjoy quality bottles which means they are not cheap bottles. Prior to having my coravin, I would open a bottl... - Sara m.

  • I have a family and friend group with diverse tastes in wine. I can't tell you how many partial bottles of wine I've discarded a few days after a gathering. No more!! Coravin al... - Pat P.

  • I am really enjoying our new Coravin. It is great for checking the aging of wines we are storing or for just deciding on a wine. - Bradley J.

  • Best wine saving device I've ever used. - Joann

  • Canisters go too quickly. Assume future can be more economical. - Jay M.

  • This is so ingenious. Works great and keeps wine fresh and drinkable - Jane P.

  • My husband bought this for me for my birthday, and it's by far one of the coolest gifts I've ever received. No more wasted wine because of the bad taste days after opening it. V... - Katie

  • It has always been a headache (sometimes literally) that I had to finish the whole bottle once I open it, especially as I live by myself. When I found out about Coravin, I bough... - Hiromichi

  • Almost every night I taste the wine with the Coravin before opening. If it seems "too young" or doesn't match my taste that evening, I return it to the cellar. I always taste an... - Fussy eater

  • How many times have you been faced with having to drink more than you wanted or risk wasting some of a good bottle? How many times would you have loved to do a side by side or b... - Vince G.

  • I love to be able to just pull one glass form a bottle w/o opening it. - Sharon S.

  • I like to drink half a glass of wine three to four times a week and this keeps my best bottles fresh indefinitely. This is the best investment I've made in a long time. It is ve... - Jeff N.

  • It‰Ûªs a great product. So far, I have only used it a couple times. But happy and have purchased another as a gift. - Janet R.

  • Customer service did an excellent job completing my order. Very Satisfied - Howard P.

  • Just received it and immediately tried it out. The instructions are "show & tell" but not difficult. Initially I wasn't very trusting of it securely holding the bottle while ... - GiGi

  • Great Concept, Nice looking gizmo, pours plenty fast. dont yet know how long the cartridges last.. We bent the needle on the first use, because I grabbed the body of the cora... - Tex

  • I will tell this to all my friends an i will buy - Nick

  • great - Yotpo

  • Love it - Molly

  • I love this device! - thomas

  • I love this product!! I didn't even know this existed! The ease of use is awesome!!! I was so excited when I ordered this product!! We have a bottle of wine every Friday and Sa... - Mary

  • I enjoy a good glass of wine but with a crazy schedule I often skipped opening a bottle of wine because I knew I couldn't finish it in a timely fashion. This has changed everyth... - Steve M.

  • This thing is pretty cool. I didn't even know that getting the wine out of a bottle without uncorking it was possible, and even after I heard about it I didn't 100% believe that... - John

  • I am very impressed by this - it has exceeded all expectations. It is very easy and intuitive to use. I have used on three bottles thus far and it fit all of them fine and worke... - Chris S.

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