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Wine 101

Learn all there is to know about wine. The Coravin Wine 101 blog has everything you need to know about storing, serving and enjoying wine. Whether you’re a wine beginner or connoisseur.


Build a Wine Cellar on a Budget

Are you considering building a cellar or purchasing a large capacity wine refrigerator? Sure, investing in a 400-bottle refrigerator is an easy option, but you can also put together your...


Discovering the World of Cabernet

Explore the world of cabernet with Coravin. Discover the depth of Cabernet Sauvignon, the contrasts between Cabernet and Merlot, and the finest Napa Cabernet. Experience the flavors today!

How-much-alcohol-is-in-wine Hero-Banner

How Much Alcohol is in Wine

Uncover the nuances of wine's alcohol content with our informative guide. Understand the ABV range and strongest wines with Coravin's comprehensive insights.

How-to-open-a-bottle-of-wine Hero-Banner

How to Effortlessly Open a Bottle of Wine

Explore our guide to opening a bottle of wine with ease. Learn both classic and innovative methods, including utilizing the Coravin device, for the perfect pour every time. Click here...

Is-red-wine-good-for-you hero-banner

Is Red Wine Good for You?

Red wine has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and lipid-regulating effects. Here are the top 6 reasons experts suggest having a glass of red to “wine’d” down, keep your cholesterol low, boost your...

5 of the Best Summer Wines

5 of the Best Summer Wines

Find the perfect bottle of wine for warm days, backyard BBQs, and summer food pairings from Coravin's recommendations. Browse our list of best summer wines.

5 Women in Wine to Watch

5 Women in Wine to Watch

Women’s History Month may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean our celebration of women in wine ought to be. Here’s a list of my current role models in the...

Guide: Different Types of Sparkling Wine

Guide: Different Types of Sparkling Wine

Coravin Sparkling™ helps us enjoy different types of sparkling wine with abandon. To help us explore even more varieties, we asked our in-house sommelier to tell us more about the...

IMG Sparkling-Krug

Make Sparkling Wine Your New Go-To

Looking for an excuse to drink more sparkling wines? Look no further. Coravin Sparkling opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Our friend Brielle guides you through different sparkling...

Elegant dining table setup with a background display of wine bottles, wine fridges, and wine cellar storage.

How to Set Up Your Own Home Wine Bar

George Miliotes, Master Sommelier and Proprietor of Wine Bar George at Disney Springs, shares with us his ways to take your wine drinking to the next level.

coravin on pedestal for beginners guide

The Beginner’s Guide to Coravin

You do not need to be a Sommelier or winemaker to enjoy a glass of wine. Chelsie Petras of Chel Loves Wine shows us how Coravin has purpose wine lovers...


The Essential Guide to Wine Temperature

Discover the art of perfect wine serving and storage temperatures. Enhance your wine experience with our expert tips on wine temperature. Elevate your next glass with Coravin.