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Coravin FAQs


Before you start exploring wine by the glass, and preserving your bottles of still and sparkling wines, you might have some questions about Coravin and our devices. For instance, did you know that using a Coravin aerator when pouring is equivalent to decanting for 60-90 minutes?

We’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions to help you understand what we do, and how our systems can help you enhance your wine drinking experience. Whether you want to know more about our capsules, return policy, warranty or specific Coravin devices, you should have no trouble finding your answer here…

Coravin Capsules

1. What is a Coravin Pure™ Capsule?

Coravin Pure Capsules power all Coravin Wine by the glass system, by pressurising an unopened bottle of wine with Argon gas to pour a sip, a glass, or more.

2. Why does Coravin use Argon Gas in their capsules?

Coravin is a cutting-edge wine preservation device that allows wine drinkers to expand their wine-drinking experience. Instead of pulling out the cork, the Coravin device needle enables users to access the wine inside while blocking oxygen from entering the bottle.

The Coravin wine system uses argon gas to keep the remaining wine protected. Argon gas essentially replaces the wine that is poured out of the bottle. Harmless and effectively preventing oxidation, argon gas helps continue the wine’s natural aging process, even after the bottle has been accessed.

3. How long do the capsules last?

Each Coravin argon capsule will allow you to pour up to 15 150ml glasses of wine with Timeless systems or 20 150ml glasses with Pivot. To make sure you are getting the most out of every pour, follow the tips for Timeless systems outlined below:
- Check to make sure the needle is tightly attached.
- Quickly press and release the trigger 3-5 times to start the flow of wine.
- If the flow of wine slows, quickly press and release the trigger again. Reminder: It takes 25-30 seconds to pour a 5-ounce glass with Timeless.
- When you are down to 1 glass left in the bottle, pull the cork to save gas.
- Trade secret: If you are pouring multiple glasses, press and hold the trigger halfway down, the wine and the argon will stop, move over the other glass, release the trigger to continue pouring.

Each Coravin Pure™ Sparkling CO2 Capsule preserves up to 7 standard 750ml bottles. This will depend on how much you pour as the CO2 gas will replace the amount of wine poured. Therefore more wine poured equates to more gas used.

4. Can I use non-Coravin Capsules with the Coravin devices?

No. It is important to only use the official Coravin Capsules with your Timeless, Pivot or Sparkling device, as these were specifically designed to work with the Coravin Systems to ensure safe operation and optimal preservation.

For more information on Coravin Capsules, visit our support page here.

Coravin Timeless

1. How does the Coravin Timeless Device work?

The Coravin Timeless Wine Preservation System is easy to use - just insert, tip, and pour. Place the Coravin Timeless System on top of the bottle and push the Needle through the cork. Coravin Timeless Systems work on all cork-sealed, still wines. Tip the bottle as if you are pouring from an open bottle. Quickly press the trigger to pressurise the bottle. Release the trigger to pour into your glass. For the Timeless Eleven just tilt and pour.

Tip the bottle back up to stop the pour. Remove the Needle by pulling the system straight up. The cork will reseal naturally and continue to protect your wine for weeks, months, or even years.

2. How is the Coravin Timeless different from other wine preservation systems?

Other wine preservation systems require the cork to be pulled. This allows oxygen to mix with the wine and starts the process of oxidation. Coravin Timeless Systems pour wine without removing the cork, so oxygen never touches the wine in the bottle, allowing it to stay protected for months and years.

3. What if my bottle is sealed with a screw cap, instead of a cork?

No problem. The Coravin Timeless Screw Cap allows wine lovers to pour their favourite screw cap wines, and then preserve the bottles for up to three months. Made using specially designed self-sealing silicone, each Screw Cap can be used for up to 50 insertions with the Coravin Timeless device.

4. Should I clean my Timeless device?

We recommend that you keep your Timeless Systems in the best condition with simple and regular cleaning. How?...
a) Place the Spout under a steady stream of warm, clean water for at least 5 seconds. NEVER press the trigger while rinsing the spout. This could permanently damage your device.
b) Remove from the water and quickly Press and Release the trigger to release some gas, clearing any excess water.
c) Dry with a soft cloth.

For more information on Coravin Timeless Systems, visit our support page here.

Coravin Pivot

1. How is the Pivot System different from other Coravin Systems?

With the Pivot System, you open the bottle and replace the original closure with the specially designed Pivot Stopper. The Pivot Device is then inserted through the Stopper to pour. The Pivot System works with any bottle of still wine regardless of closure type. Because the bottle has been opened, wine will remain fresh for up to 4 weeks. For most everyday wines, this is plenty of time to finish the bottle, knowing your last glass will taste as fresh as the first.

2. Do I remove the cork when using the Pivot?

Yes, remove the cork with a corkscrew and immediately replace it with the Pivot Stopper.

3. Does the Pivot System require a Coravin Needle?

No, it does not. The Pivot is equipped with a Wine Tube that allows easy access to the wine through the Stopper.

4. Does Pivot use the same Coravin Pure™ Capsules?

Yes, the Pivot System uses the same, trusted Coravin Pure™ Capsules as the original Coravin Systems.

For more information on Coravin Timeless Systems, visit our support page here.

Coravin Sparkling

1. Can Coravin be used on Champagne?

One of the major challenges facing the sparkling wine industry is the fragility of the wine. Within hours of opening a bottle of bubbly, the bubbles break down, leading to a once-sparkling beverage losing its effervescence. Coravin Sparkling Wine Preservation System solves this problem with a portable, easy-to-use system that pairs a secure, universal-fit stopper with a hand-held charging unit to maintain the wine’s carbonation level between pours – whether that’s a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks.

2. What is the Coravin Sparkling™ Wine Preservation System?

The Coravin Sparkling™ Wine Preservation System allows you to preserve sparkling wines, Prosecco, Cava, vintage and non-vintage Champagne for up to 4 weeks, so you can enjoy them at your pace, ensuring every glass you pour tastes like the first.

3. Can the Coravin Sparkling™ Wine Preservation System be used with still wines?

No. This is an important safety note. The Coravin Sparkling System is designed for use with sparkling wines ONLY. Do not use the Sparkling System on still wines. Still wines have a different bottle design and composition than the bottles used for sparkling wines. Using the Coravin Sparkling System on still wine bottles may cause the still wine bottle to break and could cause serious injury.

4. How does the Coravin Sparkling™ Wine Preservation System maintain effervescence?

The Coravin Sparkling™ Wine Preservation System uses CO2, the same gas that creates bubbles in the wine, to fill the headspace in the bottle and prevents the bubbles in the sparkling wine from dissipating. This keeps the original effervescence intact for up to 4 weeks ensuring the last glass will taste just as good as the first.

5. How do I store an accessed bottle in the refrigerator?

For best results store your accessed sparkling wine bottle in a cold refrigerator. It is a matter of personal preference if you store vertically or horizontally. Storage position will not impact performance. Note that we do recommend keeping the accessed bottle in the safety sleeve when storing.

For more information on Coravin Timeless Systems, visit our support page here.

General Enquiries

1. What is Coravin’s return policy?

If you purchased a Coravin System directly from one of our European websites, and are not completely satisfied with your product, you may return it within sixty (60) days of the purchase date. In order to return your Coravin System, please contact Customer Service on We will reimburse you (excluding all shipping costs) for the purchase price of the returned Coravin System no later than thirty (60) days from the date of our receipt of such returned products into our warehouse.

Please note: Coravin Capsules are non-returnable and will not be refunded.

If you purchased your Coravin System at one of our authorised retailers, please contact them directly for their return policy information.

2. What is Coravin's warranty policy?

Coravin warrants that your Coravin device will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase from Coravin or an authorised Coravin reseller or partner. We will, at our option, repair or replace any device that fails to comply with this warranty under normal use and following care instructions.
Coravin may require presentation of the original proof of purchase to verify the purchase date. Please refer to the legal section of this site for exclusions or other limitations.
Coravin’s warranty does NOT include coverage for the loss of or damage to any wine with respect to which the Coravin product was used.

For more information, video tutorials, demonstrations and information about our needles, aerators and more, visit the Coravin Support page or contact our Customer Support team at