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Best Holiday Gifts for Every Wine Lover

December 10, 2021

Written By Amanda McCrossin

One-stop holiday shopping for all the wine lovers on my list?! Yes, please! Coravin makes it easy to click “purchase cart,” then relax for the rest of the holiday season. Shop the Coravin marketplace for everything from gorgeous, framed maps, fun stocking stuffers, and the newest Coravin wine preservation systems. Below are few gift ideas that are sure to please every wine lover in your life.

Sparkling wine system

The Coravin Sparkling System is without a doubt the hottest ticket item on the market right now for wine enthusiasts and for good reason. After years of testing and teasing us, they finally unveiled yet another game-changer that will keep your sparkling wine fresh as a daisy for up to four weeks. Which, as it happens, is about 3 weeks and 4 days longer than my current method — the bouchon.

Now some may be asking themselves, “Who doesn’t finish a bottle of Champagne?” And, honestly, it’s a fair point ¬– but one to which I say, open your mind and dream of the possibilities! You see, not only does the brand-new system allow you to enjoy one glass of Champagne at a time to make it more of a daily drinker, it allows you to enjoy multiple glasses of several bottles at a time. Can’t decide between the 2008 Veuve Clicquot ‘La Grande Dame’ and the Krug Grande Cuvee? Open them both and do a side by side! Mom wants Ruinart Rosé but you’re in the mood for the Blanc de Blancs? No comprising here — you can both get what you want. It’s like dreaming in color.

Since mine arrived I’ve used it countless times and the result has been the same: my bubbles are literally as fresh and bubbly as the day I opened them. Plus, the system is insanely easy to use and I can even travel with it (just ship your capsules to your final destination if you’re flying). It’s an absolute no-brainer gift for the wine enthusiast in your life.

Check out my full review on YouTube.

This new device keeps your open Champagne 🍾 bubbly for a MONTH... I'm putting it to the test 🤔

This new device keeps your open Champagne bubbly for a MONTH...

Timeless Aerator

As much as I love my Coravin Timeless system, allowing the wine to breathe ahead of time isn’t always an option. Which presents a bit of a problem when I want to access wines like Napa Cabs and Barolo’s to enjoy with dinner.

Rather than risk them not getting the air they need to properly express themselves, I started using this handy device a few months ago and it’s been a total lifesaver. The Timeless Aerator clips right onto the spout of any Timeless system and hits the “fast-forward button” on a 60-90 minute decant. The resulting glass of wine tastes like it’s been gently opening for an hour and you look like a rock star.

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Shop the Coravin Wine Shop

The Coravin Wine Shop offers a broad selection of time-honored labels as well as a collection of highly sought after and allocated bottles curated by in house wine experts and resident sommeliers.

Shop, Shop the Coravin Wine Shop


Ditch the club soda and grab the Wine Away! It always surprises me how many people don’t know about this miracle juice. When I worked in restaurants as a sommelier, this was a mandatory in-house staple to remove wine that ended up on us and, heaven forbid, our guests. A few sprays and blots will get even the most purple-hued stains out of your clothes and carpet. This gift for wine lovers makes the perfect stocking stuffer. Now if we could just find something to do the same for our purple teeth…

VinMaps: Napa Valley

Walk into any wine professional’s home and you’re sure to be greeted with a heaping array of wine and maps! On the walls, in the bathroom, I’ve even seen a shower lined with them – seriously. Maps are everything when it comes to understanding a region and its influence on the grapes. Having that visual representation of a region hanging on the wall is a constant reminder of the places we’ve visited, have yet to visit, or are visiting through the wine in our glass.

Not all wine maps are created equal, however. I love the ones from VinMaps which are particularly detailed and come framed and ready for hanging. This Napa Valley one is gorgeous, and a perfect way reminisce about old trips or inspire new ones! Pro tip: Experiences make great gifts and this could be the perfect way to say, “Pack your bags, darling!”

Amanda McCrossin is a certified sommelier, wine personality, podcast host, and Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok creator known as “sommvivant.” Amanda has worked as a sommelier in both NYC and California, but perhaps most notably at PRESS Restaurant in Napa Valley. Her 5 year tenure at PRESS as a sommelier and later as Wine Director gave Amanda the unique opportunity to work in the heart of wine country with the largest, deepest, restaurant collection of Napa Valley wines in the world. During her time the wine program thrived; garnering nominations, accolades, and awards from nearly every major publication and outlet in food, wine, and hospitality. She has been featured in Food & Wine Magazine, Food Network, Forbes, San Francisco Chronicle, on the cover of SOMM Journal, and Wine Enthusiast who named her a Wine Star nominee for 'Sommelier of the Year.' Amanda is widely considered an expert in Napa Valley wine and is regularly sought after for consulting, media appearances and speaking engagements.