Standard Needle (1)



Coravin Needles are specially designed to pierce through natural or agglomerated cork and allow you to pour wine without opening the bottle. The Coravin Standard Needle is the direct replacement Needle for all Systems except the Model Eleven. All Coravin Needles are made of stainless steel with a non-stick coating, providing durability and easy insertion for hundreds of pours. Not compatible with the Pivot® Wine Preservation System.

Standard Needle (1)

What's Included

The Standard Needle is the direct replacement Needle for most Coravin Wine Preservation Systems.

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If your Coravin Needle becomes clogged, use the Needle Clearing Tool to clear out any cork particles.

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How to Replace the Coravin Needle


Grasp the Needle Grip and unscrew it to release the Needle from the System.


Slide the pointed end of the new Needle back into the Needle Guide. Screw the Needle Grip into the System until it clicks into place.. You are ready to pour!

Woman screwing a Coravin needle into a Coravin Wine Preservation System.

How to Replace the Coravin Needle

Average Pour Rate

On average, a 5-ounce (150ml) pour of wine with a Standard Needle will take 25 to 29 seconds.

Product Details

Smart Grip

Smart Grip

Change Needles with ease, thanks to the smart textured grip atop each needle.

Size & Weight

3.7 in / 12 cm
0.4 in / 1 cm
0.4 in / 1 cm
0.08 oz / 9 g


Standard Needle (1)
Non-stick coated stainless steel
Needle Clearing Tool

Product Attributes

Gauge: 16.5
Band Color: Black

What materials are Coravin Needles made of?

Non-stick coated stainless steel.

What is the difference between Needles?

We have a Needle to support many different situations. Please see below for details regarding each Needle.

The following needles are compatible with the Model One, Model Two, Model Two Elite, Model Three, Model Five, Model Six, Limited Edition. They are NOT compatible with Model Eleven.

How do I unclog or clean a Needle?

For Model One, Model Two, Model Two Elite, and Limited Edition, please click here.

For Model Three, Model Five, and Model Six please click here.

For Model Eleven, please click here.




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8 months ago

Purchased as a backup

Some corks are extremely hard and difficult to puncture. I wanted a backup in the house just in case my needle broke. I don't want to scramble to purchase one. Back ups are good.


8 months ago

Like it but it doesn't hold up

I like the system but ours started leaking out all the gas from the cylinders after about a year. We tried all the website recommended remedies including new needles. Nothing worked so we get one use per cylinder. The unit is apparently not repairable and not under warranty. Too expensive to keep buying new ones.

Model Three Coravin, Model Six Candy Apple Red Coravin, Model Eleven Coravin Wine Preservation System.

Which Coravin System is right for you?

All Coravin Wine Preservation Systems allow you to preserve the wine you love. Discover the System that fits your lifestyle.