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    Coravin Wine System

    Before using your Coravin System, perform a visual inspection of the wine bottle you plan to access. If you notice any signs of damage or flaws (e.g. cracked, crushed, or chipped; or containing white glass inclusions, indicating un-melted glass.), then do not use the Coravin System on that bottle.

    Always be sure to use a Coravin Wine Bottle Sleeve when accessing with the Coravin System.

    Coravin Needles

    Needle and Needle Clearing Tool are sharp, use caution when handling.

    Coravin Capsules

    Why Coravin Capsules?

    Use only official Coravin Capsules. Capsules are under high pressure, reuse of any part of the capsule or the use of non-Coravin Capsules may result in serious injury to the user or others nearby.


    The Coravin Capsules are pressurized, and should be stored between -22° and 149° F, (-30° to +65° C). Coravin capsules contain gas under pressure, and may explode if heated. Store in a well-ventilated place, and out of direct sunlight.


    Coravin Capsules are made of recyclable steel. Prior to recycling, please contact your local city or town waste management facility for instructions concerning the disposal of empty compressed gas cylinders. Please do not dispose of un-punctured capsules. Only puncture Coravin Capsules using the Coravin System. Do not discharge towards your face.

    Bottle Breaks

    Bottles are not perfect -- occasionally they get damaged during handling or processing and can crack or chip. When a bottle is damaged, even the low pressure applied by the Coravin System could cause it to break. The facts and guidelines below ensure the safest use of the Coravin System.

    The facts about broken bottles

    - Broken bottles were either damaged or flawed prior to using a Coravin System.

    - Fewer than 1 in 150,000 bottles break when accessed with a Coravin System.

    - It is not possible to over pressurize the Coravin System. Coravin is pressure regulated and will never apply more than 26 psi (approximately 10x lower than bottle can withstand).

    - Damaged bottles typically break into 2 pieces (e.g. bottom comes off).

    Coravin system guidelines

    - Inspect your bottle for cracks, chips or flaws prior to using a Coravin System. Don't use a Coravin System if you find damage.

    - When pouring wine with a Coravin System, always use a Coravin Sleeve, which protects against injury in the rare instance of a break.